Speech & Language Therapy

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All content is a true account of testimonials submitted by the parents of Speech For Each, LLC clients. 




Mixed Receptive & Expressive Language Disorder

If you are looking for a speech therapist, I highly recommend Marshall. I am extremely encouraged by the progress that my son, Noah, is making. What is more, I am thoroughly impressed with Marshall's deep understanding of speech and language issues as well as with her ability to tackle those issues with creative and interesting activities. Over the last seven years, I have had a variety of of speech-language therapist, both strong and weak, and I can honestly say that I've never seen my son so enthusiastic and so motivated. 

Paula P.


Specific Reading Disorder

Speech For Each gets 5 stars!!! Marshall puts her expertise, knowledge, compassion, and fun-loving personality into every one of her sessions. My 7 year old daughter loves the days that Marshall comes over to help her with her reading! As a parent, it is wonderful to see the results and data that Marshall provides at the end of each session. With her guidance, I am much better prepared to help my daughter continue to use the skills that Marshall is teaching on a weekly basis. Layla's teachers have also commented on how her reading confidence and scores have improved since we started speech and language therapy. I would highly recommend Speech For Each to one and all!

Melanie S.


Mixed Receptive & Expressive Language Disorder

Specific Reading Disorder

​Specific Developmental Disorder of Motor Function 

Marshall's sessions are well coordinated and she continually provides positive input and feedback about our son’s speech and language skills. Marshall is devoted and has an exceptional ability to care. She applies her essential therapeutic expertise while conducting therapy and keeping our five year old focused. Through direct intervention, Marshall has influenced the development of: fine and gross motor skills; language; speech; socialization; personal awareness; listening and attention; emotional well-being; creativity; problem solving; and learning ability of our son. She uses play both symbolically and through interactive games to make speech sessions fun and engaging while addressing speech and language weaknesses. Marshall’s proficiency in speech-language pathology, in conjunction with her creativity and problem solving skills, are helping Nigel meet his therapy goals. Creating a loving, language-rich environment through play and positive daily interaction is so important - and for that we highly recommend Speech for Each!

Matthew R.


Mixed Receptive & Expressive Language Disorder

Specific Reading Disorder
Phonological Disorder

When my daughter Sarah had her PALS assessment for kindergarten, a test given by her preschool teacher to gauge kindergarten readiness, she failed miserably. This, coupled with other issues and concerns, was why we initially contacted Speech For Each. After working with Marshall for only 3 months, I'm thrilled and beyond happy to share that Sarah just ROCKED her PALS reassessment and is now exceeding all of the benchmarks. Thank you, thank you!!!

Rosa F. 


Swallowing Disorder

Articulation Disorder

When my son's preschool pointed out some possible areas of fine motor, feeding and speech delays my husband and I began to look for a speech pathologist. A friend recommended Marshall. From the moment we reached out to her, Marshall was warm, informative and flexible. She established a quick and easy rapport with my son, identified and addressed areas of concerns and provided educational materials and tools that the whole family could use. I strongly recommend Marshall to any family seeking to optimize their child's skills and confidence.

Maria S.


Articulation Disorder

Expressive Language Disorder

Marshall shares information, tools, exercises, and research with both us (his parents) and his teachers so that we can all work together to help him meet his goals – and she does so in a very positive and encouraging manner.  On top of all of this, our son LOVES working with Marshall and looks forward to his time with her each week. He loves her so much that he even suggested the classroom fish be named after her!

Amber S.


PDD-NOS (Autism Spectrum Disorder)

Receptive-Expressive Language Disorder

Prosody Disorder

Our son is 9 years old and has been in speech therapy since he was 2 years old. We have worked with Marshall McClelland for several years now. She treats our son both at our home and at Winwood. Marshall is an incredibly talented individual with a wealth of knowledge that has benefited our son tremendously. She is so nice and our son loves her! It is so convenient for us to have Marshall come to our home or go to Winwood. We would highly recommend Speech For Each to help you with your child's speech needs.

Miranda J.


Mixed Receptive-Expressive Language Disorder

Childhood Disorder of Social Functioning / Inadequate Social Skills

Symbolic Dysfunction

Phonological Disorder

We are happy to recommend Marshall McClelland from Speech for Each. Our three (now four) year-old son has been working with Marshall for the past nine months for concerns with both articulation and receptive, expressive, and social language skills. His articulation has improved tremendously during the time he has spent with Marshall. Another positive aspect of my child’s work with Marshall has been her ability to work closely with his teachers on delays he is having with expressive, receptive, and social language and how that is impacting him in his classroom environment.  Marshall has been a valuable member of the team working through these issues with him. 

Ally S.


Articulation Disorder

My daughter was experiencing some speech issues that weren’t working themselves out as she got older. Our pediatrician really wasn’t helpful and didn’t seem concerned with her speech. My issue was that strangers were having trouble understanding her and I didn’t want this to become a problem as she entered kindergarten. I learned about Speech For Each, LLC through our neighborhood and decided to move forward with an evaluation. Ms. Marshall not only diagnosed the speech issues we were concerned with but picked up on more. We proceeded with therapy a few times a week and soon my daughter’s speech issues began to improve. By the end of our therapy, my daughter was speaking more clearly and she is now more easily understood. Amazingly, she was also able to understand when she said something incorrectly and began making self-corrections without prompting. Prior to therapy, she could not interpret sound differences and being able to do so has made all the difference in her progress. I highly recommend working with Speech For Each clinicians for any speech issues you are experiencing with your child. The therapists are always very friendly, professional, and excel at parental communication and education. The icing on the cake - my daughter always looked forward to her sessions!

Anna C.


Mixed Receptive-Expressive Language Disorder

Childhood Disorder of Social Functioning / Inadequate Social Skills

My son has been working with Speech for Each, LLC for four years. This is the first speech provider we have utilized that I can see direct results from therapy. Marshall is an extremely smart and intuitive speech-language pathologist who has had a profound effect on my son's communication skills, both expressively and receptively.

Padma P.


Delayed Developmental Milestones

Articulation Disorder

Expressive Language Disorder

Marshall has been wonderful to work with. She was kind, caring and wonderful with our child. She gave us great tips for and suggestions on how to help improve Reza’s language development. Reza has done so well and a lot of it is due to Marshall’s diligence. We thank her for all that she has done for us. 

Simone M.


Articulation Disorder

We have really enjoyed working with Speech for Each for our 5-year-old. We had no experience with speech therapy prior to being referred to the Speech For Each team so we did not know what to expect. We were very pleasantly surprised by the progress that our son made! He found such enjoyment through understanding his speech patterns better and the games he got to play with the therapists. As a family, we gained a much better understanding of what goes into speech development. Now we can help both of our kids work towards clearer and more enunciated speech development in a way that is aware but not burdensome. I would recommend Speech For Each to any of my friends! 

Alicia S.